Roof Trusses

The longest fully-assembled trusses we have ever delivered–116 feet!
LSL top chord trusses.
Cedar truss
Specialty cedar trusses.
SmartSide wrapped trusses are a more affordable alternative to cedar trusses.

We design and build custom roof trusses for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. These include Room-In-Attic, Scissor, Tray, Hip, and many other custom truss types. We provide engineering, layout, and design services and can also verify field measurements. What sets K&K apart from is our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Delivering trusses that work for you is our top priority.


Fire Resistance Rated Truss Assemblies
Sprinkler Systems & Wood Trusses
Standard Responsibilities in the Design Process Involving Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses
MiTek US Website
USP Connectors Website

Truss Installation

How to Read a Truss Design Drawing
How to Read a Truss Placement Diagram
Checklist for Handling & Installing Trusses
Crane Use & Proper Truss Handling
Long Span Truss Installation

After Install

Drywall Cracking & Crowing (DCC) Issues
Partition Separation Prevention and Solutions