Roof Trusses

Built for a large chicken barn, these are the longest fully-assembled trusses K&K has ever built with 116 feet span.

We design and build custom roof trusses for both residential and commercial roof applications. This includes room-in-attic (RIA), scissors, trays, hips, truss headers and all kinds of custom applications. We provide engineering and layout services. We can also verify field measurements and assist with design. Job site delivery is provided with roll-off trailers.

Trusses with LSL top chords

Barrel trusses

Cedar truss

Cedar trusses are a specialty truss that we offer.

A more affordable alternative to cedar trusses is wrapped trusses using SmartSide wrap.


Fire Resistance Rated Truss Assemblies

Sprinkler Systems & Wood Trusses

MiTek Builder Products

Standard Responsibilities in the Design Process Involving Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses

USP Connectors

Truss Installation

How to Read a Truss Design Drawing
How to Read a Truss Placement Diagram
Checklist for Handling & Installing Trusses
Crane Use & Proper Truss Handling
Long Span Truss Installation

After Install

Drywall Cracking & Crowing (DCC) Issues
Partition Separation Prevention and Solutions